Montana Afterschool Data

Afterschool Data Snapshot

MTAA has used the information collected in our 2019-2020 database to create a snapshot of the afterschool programs in Montana. This data helps share the importance of out-of-school-time programs in our state. To ensure your program’s data is included in our future snapshots, enter your information into our 2020-21 Database.

MTAA Data Snapshot 2019 side-by-side.jpg

America After 3pm Data

Released in December 2020, the Afterschool Alliance’s 4th edition of America After 3PM provides a detailed account of children in the afterschool hours, identifying: trends of participation in and unmet demand for afterschool programs; the experiences and opportunities programs afford, and which children and families are missing out and why. Read about the demands, benefits, challenges and support of afterschool in Montana here.


Advocate for Afterschool in Montana

Wondering how you can use the data above to advocate for afterschool programming in your community? Visit our Advocacy page to learn more about contacting legislators and key decision-makers in your community.