Quality Afterschool Programming

Guiding Principles for Quality OST Programs

Just as we support our youth in their aspirations, providing them with the guidance to vision what they are aiming for and the tools to best work towards it, so too does the community of out-of-school time (OST) providers deserve the guidance and tools to define and achieve their own goals. It is this spirit of aspiration that forms the foundation for these guiding principles.

These principles are intended to describe the high levels of program quality from the management, staff and youth perspective. Access MTAA’s Guiding Principles here!


Utilizing these Principles for Continuous Improvement

Strengthening the continuous improvement process is a critical strategy for improving quality for programs at every stage of organizational development. Regardless of the tools and strategies a program used to execute the basic aspects of assessment, planning and implementation, the guiding principles can be a relevant resource for each step in the cycle.

Guiding Principles Cycle.png