School and Community Partnerships for 2020-2021

Community-level coordination is critical to ensure that the plans to serve children and families during out-of-school time reduce family stress and align with school-based strategies to support safety and student success. This page will provide resources to help you navigate how to form these partnerships, make the case for the role of OST programs, and current examples of effective partnerships in Montana.

Making the Case: The Important Role of Afterschool

  • Afterschool Alliance’s Guidance on Summer Learning & Recovery — Summer learning programs have the power to be a game changer for youth. Programs can help students re-connect with peers and caring adults, re-engage in learning, and accelerate students’ social, emotional, and academic recovery. Check out this guidance to learn how to build successful summer programs in coordination with community leaders and school districts.

  • Montana Afterschool Providers Sign-On Letter — Afterschool providers and partners from across Montana are advocating for partnership with schools and communities to keep students safe and to allow parents to continue working this fall. These partnerships are necessary to help schools reopen and rebuild stronger than before Covid-19.

  • A Blueprint for School-Community Partnerships for 2020-2021 — Afterschool programs and community partners can provide safe, engaging learning and supports for students when they are not physically in school – but they will need the help of school leaders. This blueprint dives into five essential building blocks that can help ensure that students have access to a multitude of settings and trusted adults.

  • MOST Network: The Case for Partnership — The Maryland Out Of School Time Network hosted eleven youth development-focused town halls, where over 400 leaders discussed and planned how youth development organizations could serve as resources in reopening and recovery. This document summarizes the takeaways and guiding principals in regards to building community partnerships.

Guidance: Effective School-Community Partnerships in Montana

  • MTAA School and Community Guidance 2020-21? — MTAA developed this guidance to help schools meet the needs of students this fall while considering community health and safety. Check out this document to learn more about building school and community partnerships!

  • Zero to Five OST/School Collaboration Toolkit Our colleagues at Zero-to-Five Montana have developed a toolkit to support child care and out-of-school time partnerships with schools.